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Satyananda Yoga Workshop In Suncheon
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Yoga in Daily Life
 Practices to maintain optimal health, simple principles to sustain happiness

 At탐바루 요가원 Tambaru Yoga Won
Saturday 3pm-6pm
 30,000 Won per person


 3-4pm Asana Yoga postures for digestive health
 4-4.30pm Pranayama Practical breathing for health and emotional balance
 4.30-5pm Yoga Philosophy Yamas and Niyamas
 5.00-5.30 Yoga Nidra Deep Guided Relaxation
 5.30-6pm Meditation Introduction to correct sitting posture and Chakra awareness

 Booking is essential
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 Facebook Shuddha Shakti Yoga Gwangju

 Anna has been teaching Yoga for over 10 years and started practicing when she was 14. She has completed teacher training in Classical and Satyananda styles and is a qualified prenatal and meditation teacher. She loves to share her passion of Yoga as a lifestyle with others and has noticed great positive change in her life since adopting a daily practice.