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Ashram address & Bustimetable
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Ashram Address:
 Jeonnam Jangheung-Gun
 Jangpyeong-Myeon Woosanyeondong-Gil 79

In korean : 전남 장흥군 장평면 우산연동길 79

 From Gwangju(광주) terminal to Bongrim bus stop(봉림정류소)
6:05 AM
 12:10 PM
 17:00 Pm
 Bongrim is nearest bus stop from  the Ashram

if you want to get of at Bongrim bus stop
 you can call when you are on the bus and we will pick you up

From Gwangju(광주) to Jangpyeong(장평)
7:30 AM
 9:35 AM
 11:20 AM
 2:05 PM
 4:20 PM
 7:05 PM

There is a taxi at Jangpyeong(장평) bus stop
 You can tell the taxi driver to go to Usanri(우산리) Satyananda Yoga Ashram
 or Usanri Yoga won (우산리 요가원)
Usanri is the name of the village

if they dont understand call us and we will talk to the driver