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Chuseok Ashram Life Stay
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Chuseok Ashram Life Stay (for Free)
추석 연휴기간 무료 아쉬람 생활체험 프로그램 안내
26th-28th September
9월 26일부터 28일까지

Experience Ashram life at Satyananda Ashram Jangheung (50min from Gwangju) over the Chuseok Holiday.

You can enjoy the following program:
7am Morning Yoga Class
8am Breakfast
9 - 11.00am Karma Yoga
11.30 Yoga Nidra - relaxation
12.00 Lunch
1.00-2.30pm Free Time
2.30 - 5.00pm Karma Yoga
6.00 Dinner
7.30 Evening program

In the spirit of Karma Yoga (Volunteer work with the attitude of Mindfulness) the program is free of charge.

Numbers are limited to ten people so please book in soon!
E-mail Jin Jae for more details
Ph 01086051563

You are welcome to arrive Friday night the 25th of September or Saturday morning the 26th.

Bus: from Gwangju terminal to JangHeung Jangpyoeng or JangHeong Baesan bus stop
광주테미널에서 장흥-장평 또는 장흥-배산
Learn more about Satyananda Ashram Jangheung:
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