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Yoga with temple stay & Seva Yoga Weekend Satyananda Ashram Jangheung 11-12th of May 2019
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Yoga with temple stay & Seva Yoga Weekend
Satyananda Ashram Jangheung
11-12th of May 2019
Investment 10,000 Won – covers food, accommodation, Yoga classes and Meditation
Contact: 010.8605.1563    or    Kakaotalk: shakti        E-mail:
Join us for a peaceful weekend away from the city to practice Yoga and meditation and help us with some volunteer work. You can enjoy Morning Yoga, Afternoon Yoga Nidra (relaxation), Meditation and fire ceremony (Havan).
This is a working weekend with plenty of time to relax and look within.
Saturday 11th May
12pm- Arrive and Lunch
2pm-4.30pm- volunteer work
5pm- Yoga class
6pm Dinner
7.30pm Healing Fire Ceremony
Sunday 12th May
6am- Meditation (optional)
7-8am Yoga class
8am Breakfast
9am-11am volunteer work
11.30am Yoga Nidra
12pm Lunch
2-4pm volunteer work
4pm Free time
Pack and good byes

About Yoga
Yoga is an ancient science that allows us to harmonise our body and mind. We strengthen and stretch our body through Yoga making our body more comfortable to live in. Yoga has therapeutic and curative effects and can be used in disease management. Connecting the breath with movement in poses allows us to be mindful and active the brain.

About Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra means psychic sleep. In this state the mind is alert and the body is at complete rest. Often when we sleep the mind is processing the information it has received during the day. That is why sometimes we wake up feeling tired even after a ‘good’ night’s sleep. In Yoga Nidra we release stress from the mind so we can truly rest.

About Meditation
Meditation allows us to let go of some of the impressions that the conscious and subconscious minds hold. If we never look within and observe the mind it is like pouring water into an already full glass. The benefits of meditation is that when we release some of the impressions we are free to make decisions which are untainted from past impressions.

About Havan
Havan is an ancient practice from India. Fire is seen as a magical force that is power and transforming. Through Havan we perform a fire ceremony with an intention such as healing. Mantra is repeated while making offerings to the fire. Through the focused intent the mind becomes clear. When we offer some emotion or thought to the fire we can feel an emotional healing take place.

About Jin Jae (Sn Shaktimudra)
Jin Jae Lee’s parents are both Monks. he has been practicing Yoga, Tai Chi and Mantra since he was a child. He graduated from the Bihar School of Yoga, India, 3 year Sannyasa training in 2014. He has completed Yogic studies from Australia.
He has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Chosun University. teaches Yoga in Gwangju. He helps run the Satyananda Yoga Ashram in Jangheung.

“Do Yoga, Be Happy”