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Yoga&Meditation Retreat On the 13th October
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Yoga&Meditation Retreat
On the 13th October at Satyananda Ashram
Address: Jeonnam Jangheung-Gun Jangpyeong-Myeon Woosanyeondong-Gil 79 (전남 장흥군 장평면 우산연동길 79
Ajapa japa meditation helps one to withdraw the senses and awaken self-awareness. It removes the impurities of the mind. A burning lamp cannot give full illumination if its glass is covered in smoke. Only when the glass is cleaned will the lamp shine fully. Similarly, the light or the power of the atman is within us, but it does not manifest itself in our daily life because of the hindrances of the thought process, the vagaries, dissipations and distractions of the mind.